With the help from SIA “INVEX FONDI”, our company, SIA “Lejasmārtiņi”, received funding for the purchase of essential oil production equipment under the rural development program of the public-private partnership “Zied zeme”. Thanks to the SIA “INVEX FONDI” developed project, receipt of funding promotes development of new products and services, fosters improvements to existing products and services, helps with product marketing and creation of quality working conditions. The work is done at a high professional level.

Inese Vasiļevska, +371 29242757

Thanks to the work done by SIA “INVEX FONDI” specialists, we succeeded in re-animating a large-scale business model in the mineral fertilizer industry. Thank you!

SIA Motive Construction Ltd, Jānis Sprūga, +371 27266638

Thanks to the coordinated work of the team of SIA INVEX FONDI the Russian concern "RUBITRON" success to start a business project in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Thank you for your professional attitude to your work and clients.

Nikolaj Kapitonenko, ООО "РУБИТРОН" general director, Phone +7 (495) 223-23-30

We are grateful and proud that in collaboration with INVEX FONDI CFCA has confirmed EU funding for us in program "Support for investment in production facilities and infrastructure or reconstruction". The project costs amount is 1.6 million Euros.

Dmitry Nikitin, IT International SIA, Tel.+371 29240070

„Due to INVEX FONDI teams professional activities our group of companies has received banks decision for investment credit in the amount of 830 000 EUR for fish processing and fish product production project realization and line of credit in the amount of 100 000 EUR, as well as RSS (Rural Support Service) decision on awarding public funding in the amount of 394 748.56 EUR for project “Implementation of new products in SIA “Jūras Karaliste” production” implementation in activity “Fisheries and aquaculture products”. Due to successfully started cooperation with INVEX FONDI we now continue to receiving financial and legal advice in connection with the implementation of project, as well as we are planning to commission them for further development of EU support projects.”

LTD „Jūras karaliste”, Member of Board Maksims Pavlockis, Tel.+37129258134

„Our company is considering opportunities to enter Latvian market. INVEX FONDI specialists conducted extensive market and relevant legal framework research, provided conclusions and recommendations on object location and premises, as well as calculated necessary investments in the project. The work was done in high quality and professionally; as the result of cooperation with INVEX FONDI we have obtained comprehensive answers to all our questions, as well as continue to receive consultations and support in project realization.”

UAB „Oksalis”,director Gytis Misiukevicius, Tel.+37052375966

While developing „Līvānu siltums’’ LTD medium-term development strategy for 2015-2021 INVEX FONDI has done its work at high professional level.

„Līvānu siltums’’ LTD, Chairman of the Board Valērijs Priluckis

‘’With help of INVEX FONDI team, EU support project application was submitted and approved in open project application tender in Latvian Rural Development Program for 2014-2020 sub-event 19.2: “Performance of activities according to the company’s advanced local development strategy” activity 19.2.1: “Local economics consolidation initiatives”. EAFRD funding of EUR 70,000 was attracted within the framework of the project for creation of a BIOLOGIC flour production unit in Zaube, Cēsis province.’’

Andrejs Zvejnieks, Tel.+371 27022200

As the result of Business Plan, developed by INVEX FONDI, bearing production plant project has been implemented in Latvia. Total project magnitude - USD 14, 000,000, excluding production costs. The work is done highly professionally.

Vilnis Batraks, Tel.+371 28222221

INVEX FONDI did the job with highest responsibility and quality. EU co-funding was granted and two projects were launched: „Fishing and aquaculture product processing” – EUR 111 325,19 granted. „Renovation of fish ponds” – EUR 234 147,78 granted.

LTD „Grūbe Hidro”, member of the board Artūrs Dukulis, Tel.+371 29421642

We were granted funds by LIAA (Investment and Development agency of Latvia) within the program „Integration of new products and technologies”. Work was carried out qualitatively and within deadline.

LTD „OZOLI AZ”, chairman of the board Andis Zariņš, Tel.+37129171713

As a result of professional work of INVEX FONDI we were granted fund and launched a project – „Raising of working capital for timber processing and export market expansion”.

LTD „STRIX’’, chairman of the board Pēteris Salmanis, Tel.+37129207720

Development of Financial rehabilitation plan for SIA „Smiltene MS” was entrusted to INVEX FONDI, who managed to provide professional legal and financial consulting.

LTD „Smiltene MS”, chairman of the board Uldis Ciekurs, Tel.+37129239336

Foundation „Madonas novada fonds”

Action „ Support for entrepreneurship and employment”

Name of the project „ Firewood preparing services”

EU funding EUR 7 200,00


NGO „Darīsim paši!”

Action „Promotion and development of business start-up."

Name of the project „New training opportunities for people with disabilities in Kuldīga.”

EU funding EUR 6 580.94


NGO „Gaujas Partnerība”

Action "Support for the training of the population, education and the acquisition of new skills, as well as the culture necessary for the acquisition of material resources available to all people regardless of what their abilities, needs and social, physical, mental condition"

Name of the project "New training opportunities for people with disabilities in Ādaži"

EU funding EUR 28 811,30

NGO „Aizkraukles rajona partnerība”

Action  „Food produced within the Aizkraukles district partnerships in a variety of expansion of the local food supply a range of partnerships food basket * (packed formulated product which can offer the buyer)"

Name of the project  „Ogu audzētavas izveide”

EU funding EUR 1 766.62

The association «Aizkraukle rajona partnerība»

Programme «Improvement of availability of social services for local residents»

Project «Safety button»

EU Co-funding: 25 612 EUR


The association ’’Sateka”

Programme „Support for improvement of business environment and infrastructure”

Project „Starting an individual locker factory”

EU Co-funding: 12 640 EUR


The association ’’Cēsu rajona partnerība”

Programme „Modernisation of farmstead and creation of agricultural products with high added value”

Project „Building and equipping of winter greenhouse”

EU Co-funding: 11 490 EUR


The association ’’ Zied zeme”

Programme „Creation of infrastructure for diversification of social activities”

Project „Creation of new active resting place for residents of Tome region”

EU Co-funding: 25 494 EUR


The association ’’ Pierīgas partnerība”

Programme „Support for agricultural product processing in home environment”

Project „Creation and equipping of rabbit breeding farm”

EU Co-funding: 14 228,72 EUR


The association ’’ Seši krasti”

Programme „Agricultural product production and processing”

Project „Creation and equipping of rabbit breeding farm”

EU Co-funding: 17 074,46 EUR



Approved JSC “Latvijas Hipotēku un Zemes banka” Startup Program (ALTUM) Based Projects


Service: Business consulting and business plan development; loan facilitation based on ALTUM program

LLC “Igel”  
Project:  Purchase of equipment for wood tare production
Total financing amount: EUR 29026
LLC "Mājas palīgs" 
Project: Repairs services in Daugavpils district 
Total financing amount: EUR 29 866


Vladimir Tarasov 
Project: Public catering entity foundation in Daugavpils 
Total financing amount: EUR 19 210
LLC “Eko bebrs” 
Project: Wood processing development in Valmiera district
Total financing amount: EUR 77 624
Baiba Poča 
Project: Milling shop creation and clock parts production
Total financing amount: EUR 14 584
LLC “Santea” 
Project: Renovation of cafeteria 
Total financing amount: EUR 11 027
LLC „Reklāmas suvenīru fabrika”      
Project: Souvenirs production business foundation in Liepaja 
Total financing amount: EUR 51 934

Legal address: Auduma street 33-2, Riga, Latvia, LV-1024
Actual address: Duntes street 34, Riga, Latvia, LV-1005

Telephone: +371 67377787

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