Possibly you need funding to implement your long-planned idea, to expand your business or to develop a new project/service in the existing company.

In this situation in any case you will need a business plan that would reflect the present situation that in turn would enable you to choose the strategy for further company development.

INVEX FONDI consultants have more than six years of successful experience in development of EU pre-structural funds, structural funds projects and business development that enables us to provide qualitative development of descriptive and financial part of the project according to client’s request and the requirements of institutions that process and evaluate project applications.

Our company offers research and development services for identification of your proposed ideas and project realism and size, as well as promoting attractiveness for investors (banks, sponsors, or commission, which decides on the allocation of funding from the European Union Structural Funds).

Our carried out research and development services, primarily provides the following features:

The most complicated part of any project implementation is fund raising. INVEX FONDI major partners are from Germany and US, but we also work with partners in Custom Union countries and EU countries. Thanks to our partners we have attracted investors whose co-financing has made possible for Latvian entrepreneurs to realize EU supported projects in the amount of 50 000 000 EUR.

We are specialized in developing documentation to establish investment funds in all major fields of activity in Latvia and the EU including:

  • Formation and establishment of investment funds with sub-funds; 
  • Investment fund structuring;
  • Structuring of investment policy, marketing strategy and management system;
  • Acquring of mandatory permits from state institutions;
  • Dealing with issues regarding compliance with regulations, including the preparation of comprehensive documentation package (fund action plan and fund management company) in accordance with the requirements of the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FKTK).

In case due to different reasons you decided to sell your business, we will execute your request in delicate form, without distributing information in public. We work with dedicated investor groups in Russia and Azerbaijan. Sale procedure includes the issue of flyer in order to catch the interest of potential buyer in your company. Flyer issue costs are relatively low.

INVEX FONDI ® offers bank financing for transactions with various product groups, which have a wide target market and forecast of liquidity.

Bank finances

  1. purchase of goods for export;
  2. goods in stock;
  3. goods during transportation;
  4. deferred payment for the goods supplied.

We offer qualitative and precise financial data processing and accounting that enables to plan and control business processes as well as to save time and resources for your business activity.

Our competent and experienced specialist will provide you the following timely and qualitative services:

SIA ASSET STANDARD'T is a Latvian company that uses the INVEX FONDI trademarks and provides its clients, as an intermediary, international export factoring services throughout the EU territory, as well as in Asia and the Americas:

  • with financing up to 90%
  • for export to 90 countries worldwide
  • no collateral
  • with 100% buyer risk coverage

The main provisions of the factoring services:

  • The buyer's limit is determined by the buyer's paying capacity
  • The factoring limit is determined by the client's ability to deliver goods and services in a certain amount
  • The buyer's payment period is usually up to 90 days, but for certain groups of goods, the period may be longer
  • The financing amount of 70%-90% is determined depending on specifics of goods or services, the remaining amount is received by the client after payment by the buyer
  • The factoring agreement is usually concluded for 1 year
  • Financing is provided when the client fulfills the terms of delivery of goods or services and submits supporting documents to SIA ASSET STANDARD'T
  • The buyer's debt is transferred to the Export Factor, who, respectively, transfers it to a partner in the buyer’s country, who can accept the buyer's risk (Import Factor)

fact scheme en

On receipt of application form from your company, SIA ASSET STANDARD'T submits documents and information received, to a Partner - Export Factor, whose duty is to contact a specific buyer in order to determine the limit of factoring. If the buyer's limit is confirmed, then:

  • Your company signs a purchase agreement with the buyer
  • Your company signs a factoring agreement with the Export Factor
  • Your company informs the buyer about factoring using a letter


  1. Your company delivers the goods to the buyer
  2. Your company, through the Export Factor (through mediation with SIA ASSET STANDARD'T), transfers the rights of claim to the buyer of the Import Factor, submitting SIA ASSET STANDARD'T the documents confirming the sale transaction - contracts, invoices, and delivery documents
  3. Export Factor transfers the previously agreed cost of financing to your company, which is up to 90% of the total cost of the goods, taking into account the cost of factoring services
  4. Import Factor collects payments to invoices in accordance with the payment terms
  5. Import Factor transfers the collected amount to Export Factor
  6. Export Factor transfers the difference between the payment amount received and the previously agreed factoring financing advance.

Factoring application.

Legal address: Auduma street 33-2, Riga, Latvia, LV-1024
Actual address: Duntes street 34, Riga, Latvia, LV-1005

Telephone: +371 67377787

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