EU Structural Funds Projects Development and Management

INVEX FONDI consultants have more than six years of successful experience in development of EU pre-structural funds, structural funds projects and business development that enables us to provide qualitative development of descriptive and financial part of the project according to client’s request and the requirements of institutions that process and evaluate project applications.

Special attention is always paid to the quality of market analysis in our business plans. 

Project application development expenses used to be within  1`100 – 2`100 EUR depending on project application specifics and complication and the scope of work to be done. 

The structure of payment for the projects, based on high value added innovations or sophisticated patent programs or requiring complicated and specifically narrow market analysis, can differ from the aforementioned; however, it will not increase client’s risk concerning our responsibility for overall project completion. 

In case of approval of EU structural funds our compensation is usually 2 - 3% of the approved EU structural funding support (NOT of total project expenses!).

Solution of EU Structural Funds Related Issues

  • Idea adjustment to qualify for ES structural funds;
  • Project application development;
  • Project documentation development;
  • Project introduction and control;
  • Procurement documentation development.

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