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Submission of projects from 6 July 2015 to 4 August 2015


  • Ÿagricultural product processing company;
  • legal entity, that plans to start agricultural product processing;
  • legal entity, that is processing agricultural products at home.


  • lifting, loading and specialized transportation vehicles and equipment;
  • laboratory and quality control machinery and equipment;
  • computerized processing process management, control and accounting machinery and equipment (including security programs);
  • agricultural product primary production and storage machinery, inventory and equipment;
  • water supply and water treatment equipment;
  • sewerage, waste water (pre-treatment) and flue gas cleaning equipment;
  • heating and ventilation equipment;
  • mobile and stationary scales;
  • washing, disinfection machinery and equipment ;
  • specialized technological machinery and equipment necessary for the project set objectives - to achieve, including renewable energy production equipment (other than equipment intended for production of energy from agricultural and forestry biomass);
  • construction of new buildings and rebuilding costs of existing buildings intended for use of agricultural product production.


The maximum eligible costs of the applicant for aid in 2014- 2020 programming period are from EUR 100 000 to EUR 3 000 000

Intensity of support:

20% - 30% of the projects total eligible costs

10% additional support intensity for processing enterprises producing food quality scheme products

10% additional support intensity if manufacturing at least 5 foods that meet the recommended food selection criteria

10% additional support intensity for enterprises that need restructuring if it is affected by import restrictions set by other countries

10% additional support intensity if in project implementation energy efficient building will be build or energy efficient equipment will be purchased

10% additional support intensity if project introduces innovation

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Action “Support for implementing new products in production”

The event aims to encourage businesses increase productivity and competitiveness through the development and introduction of new products and technologies, as well as increasing private investment in research, development and innovation in accordance with the smart specialization strategy.


Projects applicant is a company registered in Commercial Register or appropriate agriculture or forestry cooperative company, which is registered in Company Register.


  • The project activities to be supported is an experimental technology manufacture or acquisition, as well as installation and testing in real production environments, making business operations, to technology readiness level No. 8 (according to the international standard ISO 16290: 2013) including, but not beyond that level. No technology readiness level. 8 is the latest technological development and the level has been reached, if the system has been completed and tested - it has been demonstrated that the technology works in its final form and the planned conditions.
  • Investments in tangible assets - machinery, equipment and materials required for the experimental technology for the manufacture, installation and testing of real production environment;
  • The cost of software, if it is submitted to the equipment manufacturer's confirmation that the software directly by the project the experimental technology activities;
  • Acquisition of licenses and patents related to the new facility or place of business of the establishment or expansion of an existing business, product diversification with new products or production process of fundamental change.
  • The project applicant or in accordance with the project's requirements defined in the experimental manufacturing technology components or equipment at least 20% of the experimental technology costs;
  • Not more than 80% of the cost of the experimental technology consists of components or equipment that the project applicant or the external service provider or supplier will choose from those that are already available on the market;
  • A beneficiary using its own resources or external financing, which is not associated with any commercial support, the project invests at least 25% of the total eligible costs;
  • Business plan is based on theoretical calculations and assumptions on which the experimental technology components or equipment manufacturer or installer provides proof of the 3 and 6 of these parameters and at least one of 1, 2, 4, 5 or 7 of these parameters has not been tested in real production environments, making business operations, long-lasting, intense operating conditions:
    1. no manufacturing practice test hypotheses underlying the experimental technology components or equipment technical specifications;
    2. not prepared for special equipment and production structures that are necessary to operate the experimental technology components or equipment;
    3. not prepared for experimental processing components or equipment instructions and manuals;
    4. not a precedent for the experimental technology components or equipment stable operation of long-lasting, intense operating conditions;
    5. it is not known as experimental technology components or equipment works when production capacity is different;
    6. not tested in practice, how often will require experimental technology components or equipment maintenance and repair;
    7. experimental technology components or equipment not manufactured for commercial purposes.
FOR ONE PROJECT MINIMUM amount of eligible costs 1 000 000 EUR, while the MAXIMAL amount of eligible costs 16 000 000 EUR. The maximum allowable aid intensity of the project's total eligible costs: 35%.

Specialist advice free of charge +371 20511711 or +371 26557422

Action "Support for investments in construction or reconstruction of production facilities and infrastructure”.


  • Business registered in Latvia, foundation or port authority. It’s activities are related to real estate development for manufacturing needs and leasing of such properties or it is micro, small, medium-sized enterprise and its core business is in manufacturing sector;


  • Construction of industrial production facilities for manufacturing enterprises needs, conversion or restoration costs for such facilities;
  • Construction or reconstruction of water supply, heat supply, sewage, waste water collection and drainage infrastructure, construction or reconstruction of underground communications infrastructure, gas, electricity, construction or reconstruction of communication wiring infrastructure, as well as construction and reconstruction of access roads, internal roads and areas necessary for needs of intended industrial manufacturing building set out in project;
  • Value added tax form projects eligible costs, if the project applicant can’t recover VAT in accordance with laws and regulations of taxation;
  • Preparation costs for project application supporting documents (feasibility study, planning and architectural tasks, construction project in technical project or sketch design stage), construction supervision and author supervision costs associated with the long term investments of project, together not exceeding more than 10% of total eligible project costs, as well as a maximum of 10% of works contract amount.

Equipment purchase and installation costs are not eligible.


  • Location of project implementation within the meaning of these provisions is a relevant functional zoning, where construction of industrial production facilities is allowed and where project applicant is constructing, refurbishing or renewing this industrial building and where after construction, reconstruction or renovation completion will be used for manufacturing sector activities or rented for these activities to a micro, small or medium-sized enterprise.
  • Under this action project will be supported in all Latvian territory, with the exception of Riga.
  • Project applicant has property or possessory rights or long-term lease rights for real estate, including land, where investments will be made. Possessory rights have been granted under the Law on Ports or the projects applicant activity regulating regulations of Special Economic Zones. Property rights is certified by the Land Register entry or registered in Land Register project applicants purchase agreement with Wait rights, but for long-term lease rights – project applicants registered lease rights in Land Register – at least 10 years after project completion.
  • In production facilities or premises which the project has intended to rebuild or restore for the last two years before submitting of the project application has not carried out economical activities in manufacturing.
  • For every 41 000 EUR required from EU funds work place should be created (full-time for at least three years) and during that time it is ensured that the workers pay is equal or greater than the average pay in corresponding sector in previous calendar years first three quarters.



Maximal allowed support intensity of the project total eligible costs:

  • large enterprises– 35%;
  • micro, small and medium-sized enterprises – 45%.

Project submission deadline: from June 3rd till August 3rd 2016

We are financing farms, producers and processors of agricultural products. Loans are granted for the purchase of land and equipment, construction and reconstruction.

We provide project development for receiving EU co-funding for open calls of proposals.

When applying for co-funding from EU structural funds, scientific research that provides additional confirmation of product quality or demand for the project in the market of Latvia, EU or third countries, may be crucial for the approval of support.

We propose timely execution of research procedure in order to ensure a well-grounded substantiation for the receiving of EU support in the year of 2015 and further out.

Norvēģijas finanšu grants inovatīvam idejām „zaļās” ražošanas jomā.

Project applicants: all companies registered in Latvia

Project Goal: to support innovative environmental technologies and products (including goods and services) implementation in the following fields:

  • Renewable energy production;
  • Creation of energy-efficient materials and products for building construction;
  • Clean transportation;
  • Water resource management;
  • Waste management;
  • Eco-design;
  • Any other product, technology or process improvements that contribute to the efficient use of energy, waste reduction, lower resource consumption.

Supported activities:

  • Equipment purchase and installation costs;
  • Publicity measures;
  • Research activities that ar directly related to a new product or technology implementation in the industry;
  • Knowledge transfer activities in cooperation with Norwegian partners.

Amount of funding per project:

  • Minimum – 170,000 EUR;
  • Maximum – 700,000 EUR;
  • 170,000 – 500,000 EUR – purchase of equipment;
  • 0 – 200,000 EUR – publicity, research or knowledge transfer activities.



  • Advance payment (35% of eligible costs);
  • Interim payments (up to 55% of eligible costs during 2 years of project realization);
  • Final payment (up to 10% of eligible costs).

Deadline for project submission: 29.11.2013

Legal address: Auduma street 33-2, Riga, Latvia, LV-1024
Actual address: Duntes street 34, Riga, Latvia, LV-1005

Telephone: +371 67377787

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