Legal services

For legal persons

Besides legal services that are shown in section "Areas of law" and "For natural persons", specially for legal persons we provide these legas services:

Company registration

It is with the help of legal entities through commercial activities that companies realize their business ideas. The most common type of a company in Latvian and in the world is a limited liability company, which allows the business man to distinguish between private property and responsibility from the legal person's property and liability. INVEX FONDI offers to be a guide for the business man for when they start a business and registration of businesses, as well as providing legal support to successful businesses.

INVEX FONDI range of services includes:

  1. Businesses - individual entrepreneur, a limited liability company, Joint Stock Company, partnership, limited partnership, the establishment and registration in the Company Register.
  2. Businesses changes - the Board (Council) Change or extension of the mandate, changes in composition to the company (name) change, legal change of address, etc.
  3. The share capital increase or decrease.
  4. Solutions relations (disputes) between the participants, the participants represented at meetings of participants. Participants meeting organization.
  5. The management of shareholdings.
  6. The reorganization of businesses.
  7. Individual companies and farmers / fishermen holding renewal.
  8. Businesses liquidation and insolvency.
  9. Brokers & Agents operating rules.
  10. Associations or foundations, cooperative societies, political parties, trade unions, etc. formations founding document preparation and registration. Changes - the Board of Appeal, title, etc. Meeting organization.
  11. Natural persons operating registration.
  12. Other issues related to the formation of different establishment, registration, operation, dissolution, insolvency.
  13. The registration of businesses and services in the European Union and abroad.

The Process of Insolvency of Legal Entities

As the result of economic crisis, now there is a large number of legal entities and individuals in insolvency or bankrupt situation. We are ready to take responsibility and try and find solution in each individual case in close cooperation with the client who has got into difficulties.

Beginning and supervision of bankrupt procedure or LPP Plan Development for Legal Entities 

Based on our previous experience in developing business plans and raising ES structural funds, we are able to provide a deep and comprehensive analysis of any sector of economy and to make our own forecasts. In case your company has come to insolvency stage and creditors’ meeting decided to start bankrupt procedure, we can be your reliable partner in solving complicated legal and financial problems. 

In case you decided to start LPP (Legal Protection Procedure), then high level specialists of appropriate filed will be engaged in LPP plan development process in order to save your company from bankrupt in cooperation with insolvency process administrator. It is possible to develop several scenarios for the same company for further consideration by the administrator and creditors’ meeting. In scope of LLP plan development process, if it is entrusted to our company, we undertake to find a prospective investor from the EU member states or Asian countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan) subject to present economic situation in the company. The participating investor can be also from other countries we previously cooperated with.

Consultancy in procurement procedure

Based on years of experience, INVEX FONDI will help to develop the necessary documentation for procurement process, thus, your company will be able to successfully participate in tenders, for the implementation of projects intended for European Union funding.

Provide services in all procurement-related situations - regardless of whether a particular procurement to be carried out by the Procurement Monitoring Bureau (PMB) or through the use of EU structural funds projects within the allowable simplified procedure without PMB mediation. Procurement is a complicated process, so before preparing the documentation we recommend using INVEX FONDI advice.

INVEX FONDI advice in relation to the procurement offers:

  • State and local government institutions and enterprises;
  • businesses;
  • non-governmental organizations;
  • anyone interested.

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